Scorpion Mezcal™ reviewed in the Rob Report

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Huff Post Reviews Sierra Norte™ Whiskey

Move Over, Margarita: This Cinco De Mayo, Give Mexican Whiskey Try

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Sierra Norte Whiskey™ on the news wires

Scorpion Mezcal Renders Wondrous Whiskies in Oaxaca

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The Sierra Norte mountain range of Oaxaca is acclaimed as one of the richest zones of biodiversity in Mexico.  Oaxaca is also the cradle of corn to the world with over 2,090 varieties in existence. But, in an era of genetically modified organisms (GMO), many of the native corn species are in danger of extinction.

To keep native cultures and traditions alive, all three expressions of Sierra Norte Native Corn Whiskies™ are made the old fashioned way in a blend of 85% corn and 15% malted barley. 

Scorpion Mezcal® and Doug French in Hilton Moments Magazine

An article on Doug French and the metamorphisis of his mezcal and his other world renoun spirits.


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Escorpion Mezcal

Introducing Escorpion Mezcal


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Men in Mezcal...


Pioneer innovator, Douglas French, founder of Scorpion Mezcal kicks off a new feature on Tequila Aficionado called Men In Mezcal.

Establishing his distillery in Oaxaca in 1995, Scorpion has just celebrated its 20th anniversary as the original leader in introducing entry level mezcals to over 38 states, and globally to 16 countries.

Even before this current mezcal boom, Scorpion was often overlooked as the forerunner of producing varietal and barrel aged mezcals, while at the same time elevating its image into the “cognac of Mexico.”

Here to set the record straight–in his own words–is Douglas French of Scorpion Mezcal.

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Scorpion Mezcal® Celebrating 20 years

Scorpion Mezcal® is celebrating its 20th year of delivering outstanding mezcal to your pallet.  Found in 38 States and 12 countries around the world, Scorpion Mezcal® continues to set the bar for exceptional mezcal.

Through the coming year, a series of gatherings and celebratory events will mark this momentous occaision and mile stone in mezcal.  

BuzzFeed Video, Scorpion On BuzzFeed

4 Pack Sampler takes home the GOLD

4_pack_sampler_box_webBeverage Testing Institute’s Tastings 2014 International Review of Spirits Packaging Competition has awarded Scorpion Mezcal’s Silver 4-Pack Silver Sampler Gift Box several Gold awards and runner-up status for Best Gift Box.  

Gold MedalCreativity Category

Gold MedalGraphic Design Category

Gold MedalForm Category

Gift Box Runner Up

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Scorpion Mezcal® from Oaxaca Combines Philanthropy & Good Old Ingenuity

Not only does master distiller Doug French make a world class Mezcal, but he also makes sure that the people of Oaxaca, his employees, share in the success that his brands achieve.

Read about how Master Distiller French combines both philanthropy & good old ingenuity into a sucessful program that benefits all his employees as well as himself.

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Lila Downs Dancing with Scorpion Mezcal

About half way through the song, Lila Downs picks up a bottle of SCORPION MEZCAL, anoints the ground, does a shot and dances around the stage with the bottle. GREAT song.

Lila Downs - "Mezcalito" @ The Wiltern L.A. 2-25-12 video by Eduardo Ramirez

Cocktail of the Month, POMarita

Barbara Sweetman, Caballeros Inc.
Serves: 1


P = Passion Fruit

O = Orange

M = Mango

POM = Equal parts Passion, Orange and Mango juice










Lime Juice

Scorpion Mezcal Silver

A few Leaves of Mint

Top with some Jarritos Toronja (Grapefruit Soda)

Mix all ingredients with ice and strain into margarita glass, top with some Jarritos Toronja (Grapefruit Soda) for extra effervescence.

Garnish with lime slice and more mint

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Scorpion Jingle

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Industry Quotes

"Caballeros Inc's portfolio of award winning 100% Agave Mezcals will take consumers beyond tequila"

- Beverage Industry News

"... a real scorpion exoskeleton, which is a tribute to the shamans of Mexican-Indian tribes, who value the scorpion as a protector against evil."

- The Houch Life



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