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June 1, 2016

New York, New York


Celebrating 20 years of distilling success, Douglas French, Master Distiller of Scorpion Mezcal SA de CV and importers, Caballeros Inc., announce the release of Sierra NorteNative Corn Whiskies from Oaxaca, Mexico.

The Sierra Norte Mountains of Oaxaca Mexico, with their profuse flora, abundant wildlife, and crystal clear, flowing waters, support some of the world’s most treasured biodiversity.  More than any other crop, corn embodies the life giving relationship between these ancient mountains and their inhabitants.

Descendants of the regions first farmers continue to grow over 35 native varieties of corn, carefully saving and replanting the best seeds from each harvest, as they and their ancestors have done for over 7000 years.

Sierra Norte Native Corn Whiskies started with Master Distiller Douglas French’s passion to use different varieties of this ancient, flavorful Oaxacan corn to make a series of unique, outstanding whiskies.  Each variety is distilled separately and matured in French Oak casks, so as to showcase its individual character and nuance.

The first expressions were sampled at WSWA in Las Vegas April 18-21 with very positive results.  The  expressions  are Sierra Norte Black Corn Whiskey, Sierra Norte White Corn Whiskey and Sierra Norte Yellow Corn Whiskey, later to be followed by Sierra Norte Red Corn Whiskey.  Shipment will arrive in the US in August 2016 and begin to be on store shelves around late August.  First states allocated for supply are:  New York, California, Texas, Ct, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Tennessee, Florida,, Illinois, Mass

 Each of the Sierra Norte expressions is made from 85% native corn and 15% barley mash before they are aged for 8 months in French Oak casks.   Suggested retails are $49.99 and $54.99.




Caballeros Inc. is the importer of 100% agave award winning Mezcals based in Oakton, Virginia and has been importing  Mezcal spirits  from Oaxaca to the US since 1997.  Brands include Scorpion Mezcals, Maria Mezcals , Mijes Mezcal, Oro de Oaxaca Mezcal.   New in 2016 are Sierra Norte Whiskies and Scorpion Rums


For further information  please contact Barbara Sweetman ,  VP Caballeros Inc. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Lila Downs Dancing with Scorpion Mezcal

About half way through the song, Lila Downs picks up a bottle of SCORPION MEZCAL, anoints the ground, does a shot and dances around the stage with the bottle. GREAT song.

Lila Downs - "Mezcalito" @ The Wiltern L.A. 2-25-12 video by Eduardo Ramirez

Cocktail of the Month, POMarita

Barbara Sweetman, Caballeros Inc.
Serves: 1


P = Passion Fruit

O = Orange

M = Mango

POM = Equal parts Passion, Orange and Mango juice










Lime Juice

Scorpion Mezcal Silver

A few Leaves of Mint

Top with some Jarritos Toronja (Grapefruit Soda)

Mix all ingredients with ice and strain into margarita glass, top with some Jarritos Toronja (Grapefruit Soda) for extra effervescence.

Garnish with lime slice and more mint

Click Here to download the Cocktail Recipe Book

Great cocktail ideas to spice up any holiday event.

Scorpion Jingle

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Industry Quotes

"Caballeros Inc's portfolio of award winning 100% Agave Mezcals will take consumers beyond tequila"

- Beverage Industry News

"... a real scorpion exoskeleton, which is a tribute to the shamans of Mexican-Indian tribes, who value the scorpion as a protector against evil."

- The Houch Life



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