From Oaxaca

Oaxaca (pronounced wa-HA-ka) is the official home of mezcal and a traditional center for mezcal making in Mexico, as defined by the Official Mexican Standard and protected by the International Appellation of Origin.

Mezcal is one of the important drinks of rustic, rural Oaxaca - the traditional toast of choice at ceremonial occasions such as baptisms, weddings and town fiestas. While part of the very fabric of native Zapotec and Mixtec culture, mezcal is slowly becoming sought after and highly regarded by fine spirits connoisseurs around the world.

Caballeros Inc. makes the traditional natural mezcal which, unlike most commercial tequila, is made from 100% agave. There are 11 varieties of agave found in the state of Oaxaca that can be used to make mezcal: quishe, pasmo, tepestate, tobala, espadin, largo, pulque, azul, blanco, ciereago, and mexicano. We only use agave, water and firewood to produce our mezcal. It doesn't get more natural or any better. Employing a Oaxacan master distiller, Caballeros Inc. have set up a mezcal distillery working directly with the indigenous Zapotec mezcaleros to make a delicious mezcal significantly superior to tequila. This production is all done in the village of San Agustin de las Juntas, Oaxaca, Mexico. We distill mezcal from the finest agave varieties in a small artisanal distillery (or palenque in Spanish) making a superior quality mezcal.