Scorpion Mezcal® Añejo 7 Year

  • Platinum Medal / 97 points, BTI
  • Recommended, Spirit Journal 2005
  • (100% Agave, 750 ml, 40% abv)
  • Triple-distilled
  • Rare limited edition French glass decanter with stopper

Brilliant pale amber color. Vibrant caramel, roasted pineapple, vanilla, pepper, smoky embers, and spice aromas. A supple entry leads to a velvety dry-yet-fruity full-bodied palate with intense vanilla, toffee, agave, grilled pepper, smoky wood, and exotic peppercorn flavors. Finishes with a rich, long fade of mocha, toffee, cracked black pepper, toasted oak, and spices. A wonderful Cognac-like mezcal with a superb wood treatment. A very impressive, world-class spirit. BTI

The deep amber/burnished gold color is clean and free of debris. The first inhalations find typical mezcal scents such as India ink, and vinyl; after seven more minutes of air contact, the aroma adds burned/baked aromas. The palate entry is surprisingly sweet and mild; at midpalate, a robust ashy/sooty flavor takes charge of the flavor proceedings, elbowing out all other taste possibilities. Ends up on a moderately sweet, smoky note that's quite pleasant. F. Paul Pacults' Spirit Journal

Appearance: Tawny, Russian gold or Baltic amber. On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass which belies its viscosity. Sitting in the glass, it looks like a small puddle of sap or nectar.

First Impression: Smoky, phenol and and brine. Damn near ethereal compared to most mezcal.

Taste: Smoke, aloe and iodine. Much more understated than any of the others a marked contrast to the 5 year old. A eminently civilized, if tame expresion of a mezcal. Spirits Review

Caballeros Inc. recently introduced these very special, limited edition, rare bottlings of 100% agave mezcal aged in oak barrels. Besides the difference in age, Scorpion Mezcal® Reserva Añejo 5 Year is double distilled and Scorpion Mezcal® Gran Reserva Añejo 7 Year is triple distilled. Each is bottled in heavy French glass with the signature scorpion at the bottom (inside) of each hand-numbered bottle. Special super-sized scorpions were included in these unique editions to the Scorpion Mezcal® family of products.

Out of 52 tequilas and mezcals reviewed at the 2005 Beverage Testing Institute’s International Review of Spirits, both the Scorpion Mezcal® Reserva Añejo 5 Year and Scorpion Mezcal® Gran Reserva Añejo 7 Year, were awarded Platinum medals and given a score of 96 and 97 respectively. The BTI also considered both spirits to be of “Superlative” quality.

This award-winning Scorpion Mezcal® Gran Reserva 7 Year Old is a rare limited edition and triple-distilled mezcal in a French glass decanter with a scorpion in every bottle. This Special Reserve spends 7 years aging in oak barrels of less than 200 liters. Singel barrel bottlings of our aged products ensures premium quality mezcal.

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