Sierra Norte Whiskey™ Yellow Corn

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  • 85% Heritagsnyellowbottle2-nobackground-croppede Corn, 15% malted Barley
  • Double Distilled * Single Barrel * Copper Pot Still
  • Aged approximately 10 months in French Oak
  • 45% alc/vol * 750ml/12/case

Case Dimensions:




12 ¼”


9 ½”


34 lbs.

Tasting Notes, Sierra Norte Yellow Corn Whiskey:

  • Nose – notes of toasted corn, buttery popcorn with a hint of caramel

  • Palate – relaxed pleasing and extremely smooth with mellow grilled pineapple and subtle red chili spice

  • Finish – long and warm with honey, allspice and ash


Made in Oaxaca by Master Distiller, Douglas French Distillery:Scorpion Mezcal SA de CV, Oaxaca, Mexico
Imported by Caballeros Inc/Park Street Imports, Miami, Fla
For further information contact: Barbara Sweetman This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 914-645-1923