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Why do many in the mezcal business, the self-aggrandized experts, and others supposedly in the know, shun the thought of drinking mezcal con gusano and any type of aged product be it reposado or añejo? More troubling is that many counsel imbibers against even touching to their lips anything but a blanco or joven (unaged) mezcal. This issue is particularly incomprehensive given that corn whiskies, brandies, scotches and some wines are aged in oak barrels. And, both internationally renowned chefs and acclaimed traditional Oaxacan cooks use the gusano del maguey or agave worm to flavor some of their culinary delights.

In prehistoric times, that is prior to the mid 1990s, we were drinking relatively few types of mezcal. With nary an exception our options were essentially limited to unaged, reposado (aged in oak for at minimum a couple of months), añejo (aged in oak for no less than a year), "with the worm," and if we were lucky we could put our hands on the occasional bottle of tobalá. Selection options are very different today, innumerable in fact. Many imbibers have either never known or forgotten that quality mezcal can come in several forms, including aged and infused.

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Snow Monkey and Scorpion rocked Thrillist.

We brought 16 pints of Snow Monkey and all the Mezcal . This is my third happy hour at their HQ and I have never seen people go ga-ga over anything the way they did the drinks.

#humblebrag the cocktail recipes are very tasty. 

Thrill List Event with Scorpion Mezcal

Thrill List Event with Scorpion Mezcal

Thrill List Event with Scorpion Mezcal

Master Distiller Doug French is interviewed on Hot Mixology. They discuss the brand Scorpion Mezcal and it s 20th anniversary year. 



Barbara Sweetman participated in Tequila and Mezcal week NYC. 

Here is a link to the article on that great event. 

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It is hard to tell from this photo, but Sierra Norte® can be found right next to the cash register. with in easy reach to satisfy all the customers. 


Sierra Norte on the bar at Aero Club, San Diego


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