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Escorpion Mezcal Varietals

Small Batch, Copper Pot, limited and rare editions

Arroqueño (Agave Americano) Silver and Añejo 40% ABV The Silver version has a lightweight body and a wafting herbaceous nose. The Anejo aged in French Oak adds a delectable touch of caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, toffee and honey.


Barril (Agave Karwinski) Silver 40% ABV and Anejo 43.5% ABV Silver is shimmery clear with a lightweight, silky textured body and a peppery, herbaceous bouquet. The Anejo is aged in French oak for 23 months and emerges with a lush medium body weight and a lightly spiced herbal, pastry and honey bouquet.


Pechuga Silver 42% ABV This unique Pechuga recipe starts with a base of 100% espadin agave then combines Oaxacan orange squash, red banana, pineapple, guava, crabapple and cinnamon in the mash. A chicken breast is hung in the still for the last distillation.


Tobalá (Agave Potatorum) Silver 40% ABV Considered the King of Agaves, this estate grown Tobala erupts with fresh aromas of dill, kiwi, and freshly mown grass, all overlayed with a smoky richness. Rating Platinum 96 points BTI

4_pack_sampler_box_webFebruary 5, 2015, Chicago, Ill.

Beverage Testing Institute’s Tastings 2014 International Review of Spirits Packaging Competition has awarded Scorpion Mezcal’s Silver 4-Pack Silver Sampler Gift Box several Gold awards and runner-up status for Best Gift Box.  

Gold MedalCreativity Category

Gold MedalGraphic Design Category

Gold MedalForm Category

Best Gift Box Runner Up

The attractive box is decorated with rustic artwork featuring an ancient still and stylized agave, with the top of the box showing the agave plants for each varietal.

Scorpion Mezcal’s award winning sampler gift box contains four 200ml bottles of Scorpion Mezcal Silver, each bottle containing a different variety of 100% de agave Mezcal. Included in the varietal bottles are:

1) Tobala (Estate Grown)

2) Espadin

3) Barril

4) Blue Weber (grown in Oaxaca)

Among the varietals listed are two award-winning silvers:  Scorpion Mezcal Tobala which took the Platinum Award and 97points from the Beverage Testing Institute which also received Best of Show at The Spirits of Mexico competition.  Scorpion Mezcal Espadin Silver also won several awards including Gold and 96 points from The Beverage Testing Institute and Best Mezcal Food & Wine Magazine.

Suggested retail for the box is $80.00.


Imported by Caballeros Inc., leading importers of award winning 100% agave Mezcals and produced/distilled by Scorpion Mezcal SA de CV Oaxaca Mexico.  Douglas French, Master Distiller,  celebrates producing award winning Mezcals for 20 years this year.

For further information contact:  Barbara Sweetman, VP Caballeros Inc.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                Tel: 914-921-6988

In this months magazines from the Weston Group, Scorpion Mezcal® is prominently featured and a good article on mezcal is also published, written by Barbara Sweetman of Scorpion Mezcal®.

Weston magazine group is the publisher of 10 high-end hyper-local regional magazines and is including Scorpion Mezcal® 8 of their magazines.  Currently not all have gone to press so only 5 are currently running the Scorpion Ad and article.

The weston magazines are as follows: Weston Magazine,  Greenwich Country Capitalist Magazine, New Canaan Country Capitalist Magazine, Westport Country Capitalist Magazine, Hamptons Country Capitalist Magazine, Rye Magazine, Westchester Country Capitalist Magazine, and The Upper East Side Magazine, central Park West Magazine and Tribeca Magazine in new york city.

The article on mezcal is on page 170 in the printed version and on page 172 in the electronic publications.  Check out the inside cover of the magazine, great placement for Scorpion Mezcal®.

Scorpion Mezcal® is proud to participate in the Spirits of Mexico events.  These events put some of the best agave spirits all in one room for all to taste and enjoy.  Nowhere can one fully appreciate an agave spirit as when at one of the Spirits of Mexico events.

The main tasting event kicks off at Agave NY, 140 7th Avenue South, Thursday, May 24, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Read more about it here........

Spirits of Mexico Page........

Here are some photos of Team Bongo racing in the King of the Hammers race held in California February 10th 2012.  The race really took its toll with less than half the starters actaully finishing the race.  It is tough on both man and machine.  Note the scorpion logo on the car.

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