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Below are some photos taken during the Master Mezcalier Certification class given at the Spirits of Mexico event held September 17, 2011.

It was well attended and every one reported that it substantially advanced their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Mezcal.  

As the category of Mezcal becomes more and more popular, Mezcaliers are the go to knowledge source for promoting and integrating this unique and diverse spirit. 

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6:30-9:30pm Thursday October 13, 2011

Awareness of Mexican spirits in the U.S. is the highest ever. Tasting events--from California to Canada, from Texas to Chicago, from Nevada to New Mexico—have furthered the ‘good word’ about these spirits. And now, timed and primed for the biggest selling season of the year, we present the final Spirits of Mexico Event of 2011 in New York City. (Think new campaign:  The Big Agave (so what’s with The Big Appleanyway?).

Master Mezcalier Level One Course: This program premiered at the SOM Festival in San Diego; it was sold out. The New York class still has availability. Link here for more information.

Callaberos Inc's, Estate Grown Tobala Mezcals are already following in the footsteps of it's cousins. awarded The Estate Grown Tobala Añejo 97 points and The Estate Grown Tobala Blanco 96 points, and both earned a rating of "SUPERLATIVE". These soon to be released superior quality mezcals takes one to new levels of enjoyment.  It is said of Caballeros Inc.'s portfolio of mezcals that they take the consumer "beyond tequila".  These fine Tobala presentations will break the surly bonds of ordinary mezcals and catapult you to a new frontier in agave spirits.

Scorpion Mezcal® bottle shots are prominently featured in the Reuters articel "The Spirited Traveller: Mezcal's moment in Mexico City".

Scorpion Mezcal® will be participating in Spirits of Mexico the week of 9-11-2011 through 9-17-2011.  To kick off the event a "Tequila Trail" has been set laid.  Participants can go from venue to venue tasting Mezcals, Tequlia and great food prepared with both Mezcal and Tequlia. 

Listen to the below audio file to learn more about it. 


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