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Buy a Bottle, Get a "Worms are for Wimps" T-Shirt from

Having a Scorpion Goood Time for Cinco De Mayo with Scorpion Mezcal and Scorpion Mezcal Goodies at INC in Atlanta Georgia

Buy a Bottle, Get a "Worms are for Wimps" T-Shirt from

Scorpion Mezcal the drink of choice for the hero in "A Perfect Getaway"

Look for Scorpion Mezcal® in the movie "A Perfect Getaway".  The Hero of the movie, Nick (played by Timothy Olyphant), sips off a 200ml Bottle Flask of Scorpion Mezcal® Reposado through the movie.  He talks to the scorpion in the bottle as he contemplates how the scorpions get in there.  "Do they put them in live or dead" he asks himself.  Watch carefully as he answers his own question as the movie comes to a climax. 

Running on Cable (HBO, Cinamax, ShowTime) so check local listings for times and channels.

Scorpion Mezcal® is featured in the movie "A PERFECT GETAWAY". 

As the hero of the story's drink of choice, he talks to the bottle and asks the question ".... do they put the scorpions in live or dead"?  Find out the answer as the movie comes to a climax. OUTSTANDING!

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