Scorpion Mezcal® awarded Best Mezcal in Denmark

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Barbara Sweetman participating on a panel during Art De Agave week in NYC.  The panel discussed such topics as the direction and future of Agave, industry trends and what is next for the producers. 

Barbara Sweetman on Panel at art de agave 













Sipping off the cuff will be featuring the Escorpion™ line of mezcals through the end of the month.  Episodes will air every other day, beginning 6-21-17 at

Catch the videos, and then run out to your favorite liquor store to continue the tasting in the privacy of your own home. 


Not only does master distiller Doug French make a world class Mezcal, but he also makes sure that the people of Oaxaca, his employees, share in the success that his brands achieve.

Read about how Master Distiller French combines both philanthropy & good old ingenuity into a sucessful program that benefits all his employees as well as himself.

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According to, “Arte Agave is a unique celebration of fine agave spirits + arts + entertainment inspired by the richness of latino culture.”  I have been to spirit tastings before– some in educational settings, some in dinner pairings, but nothing like this before!

Caballeros Inc. portfolio of fine spirits from Mexico was well represented, Scorpion Mezcal®, Escorpion Mezcal™ and Sierra Norte® Whiskey participated at this world class Agave event.  The reception to our offerings and expressions was overwhelming. 


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